Significant Ways To Use Natural Split Cashew Nuts For A Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Admin on June, 22, 2023

Cashew nuts come from a fruit-bearing tropical cashew tree that produces a soft, shiny and juicy fruit, known as cashew apple. This fruit resembles a bell pepper which bears a single-seeded nut in its bottom covered with a hard grey shell. This nut is the most valued product and is commonly called cashew kernels. It is popularly consumed as a snack or used in confectionery and cooking. These Cashew Kernels are graded depending on their shape, size, and colour. The whole white cashews are separated from the splits and broken cashew kernels. Among various grades of cashew kernels, natural split cashew nuts are also commercially available and traded. This non-damaged, naturally split into two pieces can be used in versatile ways to add a perfect buttery taste and texture.

Here are some of the ingenious ways to use natural spilt cashew nuts-

These split cashews can be perfectly added to your trail mix with a seclusion blend of other dry fruits, seeds, and dried fruits.

Make vegan-friendly cream cheese, ice cream, milk, butter, and cheesecake using cashews. This dairy-free secret ingredient is enough to make super creamy dishes that support your vegan diet.

Add to your curries, soups, and biryani to give them a thick and creamy texture.

Use roasted cashews as topping on your pancakes, ice cream, pudding, and other desserts to give a needed crunch.

Add them to your breakfast smoothies and milkshakes to make it more rich and thick.

Natural split cashew nuts have a great shelf life if stored properly in an airtight container. Get your packet of delicious natural split cashew nuts from the best dealer at competitive rates. The nutrient profile of cashew nuts is highly impressive as it contains carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre, and other elements. It is extremely rich in several vitamins, minerals and compounds that offer amazing health benefits.

Good for the healthy heart

A handful of Cashews in your diet helps in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol while improving good cholesterol levels. It is considered a low-fat diet with unsaturated fats that helps in keeping your heart healthy. Don’t forget that cashews are dense in calories, so munching too much might not be good.

Prevents anaemia

Regular consumption of cashew nuts helps in preventing blood disorders like anaemia. They are rich in copper which plays an important role in enhancing the level of iron. Hence, a deficiency of copper can lead to anaemia in the body.

Great for skin

Cashew nuts are a great source of phytochemicals, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and antioxidants. The high percentage of these essential nutrients does wonders for your skin while preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Treats digestive issues

Cashew nuts are a good source of dietary fibre which helps in digesting the food in a better way. It also improves gut health by regularising bowel movements with the help of oleic acid and palmitic acid. But excessive consumption of cashews can lead to problems such as intestinal gas, bloating, and flatulence.

Manages and prevents diabetes

Cashews help in improving the levels of insulin or prevent sudden fluctuations. Thus, regular intake of cashew nuts does not increase the levels of blood sugar in the body.

Helps losing weight

Yes, this is true! Many of us believe that consuming cashews leads to weight gain because of their calories. But the inclusion of a moderate quantity of cashews in your diet supports your weight loss journey. These creamy nuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which help in boosting the body’s metabolic rate. It helps you in burning fat, keeps you full for a long time, and is a great option for pre-workout snacks.

Strengthens and improves bone density

Cashew nuts have a good content of magnesium and manganese which ultimately helps in improving bone density. Magnesium is also responsible for keeping a check on calcium levels which is an essential element for bone health.

Improves vision

These delicious nuts contain zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that provides protection to the macula of the eyes from being damaged externally. Thus, this may indicate that the inclusion of cashew nuts in your diet can help improve vision.

Final Thoughts

Thus, including natural split cashew nuts in the right way is key for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Buy your packet of goodness and enjoy these cashews in different styles by giving a fun twist.

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